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a DYNAMIC innovative LARGE SCALE EVENT COMPANY THAT is specialized in corporate events and conference production, with a comprehensive Technical Event Management approach


Founded on the principles of excellence, performance and integrity, events AVP with committed to achieving success for its clients by applying the full power of communications as an extension of production


The company’s full range of services include creative development, design, production, logistics and technical management of corporate meetings, events, product launches, training and related multimedia production, all of which makes events AVP the perfect partner for event organizers and individual clients alike.


From creative development to meticulous logistical planning and flawless execution, events AVP delivers innovative solutions. The end result enables clients to better inform, entertain, and sell to their target audiences.


events AVP has been responsible for some of the most elaborate and high profile conferences and corporate events  on a regional scale. While events AVP has grown to become a strategic partner for production, creative work, and on-the-ground logistics,









AT 2 MM, This is the highest LED resolution screen available in the market today Fully owned, and operated, by Events – AVP. we use absen led screens With a full coherency distance of less than 2 meters, refresh rates in excess of 3800 Hz and a viewing angle of 120 degrees, we also use barco and watchout for the best and fastest video processing and high efficiency this system is fully broadcast rated to deliver the best performance.

Brands - absen p2 | p3 | d4v

barco - e2 processor | screen pro ii

watchout - version 6




The Latest and most up to date image processing “Brain”. The Barco E2. the most powerful signal and

and image processor to date, with many innovation awards in 2015, and 2016. capable of up 64 inputs and outputs in 4k resolution, this is the main brains controlling the main LED screen. It will provide the ultimate flexibility for the client and enable many changes in real time if the need arises.

Events – AVP is able to provide this system in the region such a unique system in Jordan, as well as among a hand full in the region.


GCF 2016

GCF 2016

GCF 2016


fiber optics and communication network


The latest in technology in fiber and communication network equipment The brands that we use are the top

world standard network intelligence for the entertainment industry, we use luminex specialized network

cables and technology and for the communications solutions clear-com is the leader in wired communications the industrial platform delivers single-multi channel communications solutions

brands - luminex giga core 10 | luminex giga core 16 rfo | luminex giga core 26 i

clear - com freespeak ii digital


The latest in Lighting equipment covering intelligent lighting and LED technology will be used in this project. The brands that we use in our lighting inventory such as claypaky, chauvet, lycian and MA LIGHTING, are the top world standard.  No second class or “cost effective” brands are even considered. Events – AVP’s light designers will design and implement a detailed light plan for the whole venue. 

clay paky - scenius unico | scenius profile | mythos 2 | sharpy | sharpy plus | aleda b eye k20 | b eye k10 cc | mini -b

chauvet - color dash s - par | colorado 2 qaud zoom tour | q40 panel | well fit wireless

lycian - superstar 2500 






Fully digital Sound systems will be installed in the venue, supported with line array systems using the amazing acoustics, koutline and k-array brands all of them high efficient quality devices, personal stage monitors, and a full fiber optic network for signal distribution. Only UHF, frequency hopp ing wireless systems will be used for the Q & A microphones that will be installed. Yamaha Digital consoles, sure and digico will be the control means in all Plenaries, and side meeting rooms. A true, full scale sound design will be made for each plenary, enabling the sound level to be exactly the same for first row to the last.

l-acoustics - kara 2 - way | kiva ii 2 - way | high powercompact subwoofers

koutline - butterfly line array | dvs 12 speakers | subtec 218 subwoofer

k-array - anakonda - kan200

yamaha - cl5 digital mixing console | m7cl - 48 mixing console

digico - sd10 touring 

shure - axient digital wireless mic system - psm 1000 in-ear personal monitoring system


The latest in Lighting equipment covering intelligent lighting and LED technology will be used in this project. The brands that we use in our lighting inventory are the top world standard like eurotruess and cm lodestar, Events – AVP’s light designers will design and implement a detailed light plan for the whole venue. with high performance 

euro truss - TT truss | td44 | st square truss | hd44 | pa tower | fd34 | fd33 | pro deck

cmet - cm lodestar








United Resources for Sound and Light Technologies ltd


Wadi Saqra Str. Tawfiq Complex, 3rd Floor.

P.O. BOX 5602 - Amman 11183 Jordan

T.  +962 6 5681272

F.  +962 6 5681271



Advanced Energy for Sound and Light Technologies ltd

Muhammad salih nasief st.

al-rimal dsitrict

P.O. BOX 12693 - Riyadh 11483 K.S.A.


t.  +966-11-8124988


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