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Celebrating Our Team’s Milestone: Becoming Barco Certified Operators & Specialists

We're thrilled to share some exciting news: our dedicated Events AVP team members are now officially Barco Certified Operators & Specialists! This achievement is more than just a testament to their hard work; it signifies our continued commitment to delivering unparalleled AV solutions.

What This Means Being Barco Certified means?

Expertise with Key Products: Our team is now proficient in operating cutting-edge Barco products, including the E2 event master and other state-of-the-art systems.

Advanced Skills: We can troubleshoot and deliver seamless experiences using Barco's technology.

Commitment to Quality: We remain dedicated to harnessing the latest innovations in the AV domain.

A Note of Appreciation

To our Events AVP achievers, your dedication and drive have paid off. You've not only enhanced your skills but have also elevated our company's standing in the industry.

To our clients and partners, this is our renewed promise: to always offer the best in AV technology and solutions. Here’s to furthering excellence and achieving more milestones with Barco and beyond.


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